LA-RS teamed up with the ONEXONE foundation, and created four bracelets to help raise money to feed hungry children in North America. The bracelets are red, yellow, black and white to represent the varied human races. By wearing the four bracelets, it speaks volumes and shows that we are all one, we are all equal. Each set of bracelets sold, feeds five hungry children a nutritious meal, so the children can go to school on a full stomach and an open mind.  We're hoping you will team up with us, and help make a difference.




Enjoy wearing the ONEXONE Bracelets by LA-RS. The bracelets are made from smooth silicone and slips easily over the hand. This simple, yet timeless band is unisex and is packaged as a set of four bracelets. Coloured red, yellow, black and white.

Fits true to size. 
• Durable and Waterproof
• Available in Youth (180mm x 8mm - small wrists)
• Available in Adult  (202mm x 8mm -  big wrists)
Items are shipped in premium LA-RS packaging.